About Me

Co-founder at Green Bytes Digital Solutions. Developer at Adee Themes, Speaker at WordPress MeetUps Lagos, Nigeria

I love developing websites using WordPress.  My specialty is in website design and development using WordPress.  I have a wide range of skills in website design, front-end development and Photoshop.

I create user friendly websites with focus on strong user experience through fundamental design and technology applied progressively to the latest standard. This is because I am utmost perfectionist and a tireless seeker of knowledge. So as the internet grows, so do I. I am in a constant circle of growth, perpetually increasing on my semantic HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress and Photoshop skills.

However my interests extend beyond these alone, I am also working at developing more on my writing skills, SEO skills and Social Media Marketing skills. I have rolled-out my blog where I will be writing on various topics dealing with WordPress that come across my mind.

I love nature (wildlife), listening to music (solo  and blues), playing video games (especially soccer), reading books and researching. I am also a Car Freak and a Serial Entrepreneur.

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