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How to Delete Uncategorized Category From WordPress

Delete Uncategorized Category In WordPress

Sometimes you might be having difficulty to delete uncategorized category in WordPress. By default WordPress blog posts are categorized under the ‘uncategorized’ section. This can sometimes be annoying as blog posts not manually categorized will be listed under this category section.

And if you go to the Category section of WordPress, there is no option to delete uncategorized category from the list.  This can be annoying. I’m sure some you know exactly what I’m talking about.




Well, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Today, I’m going to pass along the steps you can use to delete the uncategorized category so you won’t have to deal with this little annoying item anymore. Even if you have some posts in the ‘uncategorized’ category, don’t worry, they won’t be deleted and you won’t lose them. They will just be transferred to whatever the new default category is.


You can skip this step if you have created different categories for your blog but if you have not, continue.

  • Under Post > Categories, here you have the categories listed on the right side, on the left side is the option to add a New Category
  • Input the new category you want, input the slug (this is the URL-friendly version of the category name usually in lower case)
  • Click on Add New Category and this category will be created.





Under Settings > Writing, there is an option called Default Post Category. This is the category that all of your post will be under automatically. The WordPress Default is set to ‘uncategorized’. You will not be able to delete whatever category is selected here. This is why you are unable to delete uncategorized category.

  • Go to Setting > Writing
  • Click on the Drop down arrow beside the Default Post Category
  • Switch it to another category and
  • Click Save Change




Now that you have changed the default post category from ‘uncategorized’ to another of your choice, you will be able to delete the unwanted ‘uncategorized’ category. To delete uncategorized category:

  • Go to Posts > Categories
  • Hover your mouse on ‘uncategorized’ dropdown
  • You will notice that the option to delete uncategorized is now visible.
  • Click on ‘Delete’ and its gone!
  • It is that simple! Say goodbye to uncategorized posts.




Note: Deleting a category does not delete the posts in that category. Instead, posts that were only assigned to the deleted category are set to the New Default category you have selected in Step Two. So don’t worry!


Please remember that categories are your primary navigation and gateway to content on your site. Use them wisely. Use names that tell the visitor in an instant that they are in the right place. Use names that guide the user to the help and information they want.

Things You Need to Know About Categories

Here are a few things you need to know about categories in WordPress.

  • A category will not appear in your category navigation unless there is a published post in it.
  • Category names should be keyword specific not made-up or fun names. They are important navigation links so call them what they represent..
  • You can have one post in multiple categories.
  • Categories can have subcategories.
  • By default, the WordPress permalink structure for categories include the word “category” in the permalink such as http://example.com/category/blogging/.
  • By default, the WordPress permalink structure for subcategories is http://example.com/category/blogging/blogging-tips/, featuring the parent category slug name first, followed by the subcategory slug.
  • Categories have their own feeds. The link to the feed is in the structure of http://example.com/category/blogging/feed/ by default.
  • Pages do not have categories, only posts.

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