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List of Important WordPress Plugins you must install on your website

Do you have an existing WordPress site or you are just developing your website, compiled here are list of the most Important WordPress Plugins you must have installed on your website.

WordPress is designed to be lean and lightweight with a lot of features and flexibilities, but there is still a lot of functionality missing from it. Plugins are designed to fill in these missing functions. Plugins offers custom functions and features so that users can tailor their sites to their specific needs.


Plugins are used to extend and add to the functionality that already exist in WordPress


The best way to fill in the missing pieces is to get yourself the right plugins. It is often confusing trying to pick out the plugins to install among the many that are available. I will admit that it can be difficult sometimes to sort out the good from the, well, not so good. But I have tried to simplify the process of choosing the most important WordPress plugins you should use. I have also provided links to these important WordPress plugins where necessary.

WordPress Plugins are available from several sources. The most popular and official source for WordPress Plugins is the WordPress Plugin Directory.

So here is a collection of free and premium important wordpress plugins you must have installed on your website. There are various options included for everything from caching, seo, to security and backup.

The Most Important WordPress Plugins are for:



This is one of the first set of important wordpress plugins I will recommend you install after installing WordPress for your website. Every webmaster or web owner should install one or two of these plugins to secure their website. Some of these plugins are Wordfence Security, WPS Hide Login, Sucuri Security, iThemes Security (formerly Better WP). Installing any of these plugins with further protect your WordPress website from malware, brute force attack, login security etc. I have these plugins installed on my various websites.


As the name implies, these plugins adds SEO functionalities to a website. Aside from security, this is another important WordPress plugin that should not be missing from your site.. The plugin I will recommend are Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack. These plugins helps to write better contents, choose focus keywords in each articles and makes sure the focus keywords are used constantly throughout the article.


Spam comments are unsolicited comments posted on websites by a broad category of spambot or spammer. Most spam comments are advertisements. AntiSpam plugins usually check each comments to see if they look like spam or not and let you review the spam comments it blocked. Without antispam plugins, you stand no chance against SPAM. The most popular antispam plugin for WordPress is Akismet. Akismet does a good job at catching SPAM comments.


Tracking the number of visitors on your website need not be a hard task. These plugins allows you to easily track you site. It is important to install any of these plugins so that you can be able to measure the growth of your website. An example is Google Analytics Dashboard for WP. This plugin enables you to track your site using the latest Google Analytics tracking code and allows to view Key Google Analytics Report on your WordPress Dashboard.


WordPress caching is the fastest way to improve website performance, reduce download time etc.. WordPress cache plugins cache WordPress posts and pages as static files which are then served to users. This can improve the overall performance several hundred times. Some popular Caching plugins are WP Total Cache and WP Super Cache.


Very useful if you want your visitors to share your contents like blog posts and pages via the social media and email. Social sharing is a very powerful tool to increase your site traffic and boost your website social engagement. Check out some of the available social sharing plugins here.


This is an important WordPress plugins that work by displaying after a related posts after the original post post, i.e. similar posts that are in the same category with the original post. Displaying links to related content to help your readers enjoy reading posts on your site. This helps to increase the time visitors spend on your site and also increase your chance of engagement with them. This function is already incorporated in some premium themes but if yours doesn’t have it, then related post plugins are a way to go and you can download from the numerous plugins here.


These plugins place a form on your site which allows visitors to subscribe for future posts or newsletters from your blog. This is a great way to build an email marketing list. They are a very essential tool to engage website visitors for any website. You need to have one installed so that you can start capturing emails of your site visitor early. You can then grow your subscriber list, engage with visitors convert visitors and decrease bounce rate. Check out some here.


Do you have a favorite plugin from this list? Is there any WordPress plugin that you think is absolutely essential for every WordPress site? Indicate in the comments below.

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