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November WordPress Vulnerabilities RoundUp

This is a monthly roundup of WordPress Vulnerabilities for the month of November. This monthly roundup takes care of all the vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins and themes reported during the month of November 2016. This roundup is made possible through Wp Security Bloggers, an aggregate of popular WordPress security blogs and websites that publish WordPress security news and updates. During November no WordPress vulnerabilities was reported in the WordPress core.

Overview of WordPress Vulnerabilities in November 2016

39 WordPress vulnerabilities in plugin were reported in November. That is the highest number of vulnerabilities ever recorded since July this year, when WP White Securities started recording these statistics.

There has also been an increasing trend in the number of plugins being taken offline from the WordPress repository. Plugins are taken offline when developers do not fix vulnerabilities, or the developers cannot be reached hence the vulnerabilities are not fixed. This is a good initiative since it ensures that the majority of WordPress plugins on the repository are being maintained and above all, are secure.

Below is the complete list of all the WordPress Vulnerabilities found in plugins and themes reported in November 2016:

WordPress Vulnerabilities in Plugins

WordPress Vulnerabilities in Themes


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