I am Adesanya Michael Adetayo

I am based in Lagos, Nigeria and enjoy designing and developing websites. So if you are an individual or a business seeking web presence or an employer seeking to hire a freelance web developer, you can get in touch with me.
Take a look at my works and if you like it I would love to hear from you.

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This is me. Designer by day & Developer by night. I never sleep … almost!

I live by helping people and brands get their presence online. My specialty is in website design and development.  I have a wide range of skills  and experience in website design and front-end web development.

When designing or building a website, I focus on producing a solution that achieves your goals and at the same time offering quality user experience. I am able to work on your project with the full scope in mind, often producing a more cohesive experience for users. You will find this approach to be extremely valuable. I test my knowledge with every new project to create a feast for your eyes.


Here are things I can do for you

Corporate Websites

Create clean and quality professional website that will stand out and adapt to the present and future growth your business.


Tell the whole world about yourself and your work. Reach a larger audience with a beautifully design blog that is easy to navigate for users.


Allow customers to pay for products or services on your websites. Fully integrated with payment gateway to accept local and international credit cards.

Landing Pages

A well-designed Landing/Leads page captures your visitors attention, and can greatly increase conversions for your PPC or marketing campaigns.

Website Maintenance

I also do necessary turn-around upgrades and maintenance of websites to keep them updated with the latest technology.


  • One-to-One Training: it can be in person or via Social Media (Skype, WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook) and E-Mails.
  • Group Training

Samples of Works I have done. Want something similar? Get in Touch

Topmost Priority is given to the following features to give your project the best shot

More features will be added based on your project Contact here to add more

  • Fully Responsive Websites

    Responsive websites that are easily accessible via many different types and sizes of devise, such as TVs, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, phablets and desktop computers etc.

  • Content Management System

    About 80% of websites I design are built with Content Management System. Content Management Systems allow YOU to manage your website from a user friendly interface.

  • Cross Browser Compatibility

    This is done using feature detection so older browsers still in use today provide a solid experience, whilst modern browsers can go the next step and enhance the users time spent on the website.

  • Social Media Integration

    It is important to keep your brand consistent and recognizable across all platforms. So I include both social sharing and social media feeds plugins for improved branding.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    All websites are hand coded to be optimized for search engine results, this gives priority to content pecking order.

  • Quality Images & Pictures

    Good quality images and pictures enhance the look and appeal of a website

  • Support

    With lots of systems to manage and maintain, there may be a need to obtain regular support which I will provide.

  • Security

    I have included some security features to prevent against malicious codes and hijacking. These features enhance the security of your website. Please note that no system is 100% Secure.

  • 100% Uptime

    You have access to your websites any time of the day. I host my websites with some of the top notch in industry that guarantees 100% up-time and no down-time.

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