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The following are top website features that visitors look out for when visiting a website. These are top website features users expect in a website especially business websites. Implementing these website features will help your business maximise its presence online, and realise its true potential on the internet.

The quality of a website – user interface and overall user experience – will decide the fate of a business online. Therefore, having a professional, feature-rich website with great user interface will give visitors a great user experience they will not forget quickly and they will keep coming back for more. This will in turn bring the desired benefits for your business.

The opposite will also happen with a badly developed website. Having a website with these website features will spell doom for your business. Visitors will not stay longer and will likely not return because of the bad experience they have. Especially if the website contains any of these common mistakes.

Users like to visit websites that are simple yet rich in features. Websites they can handle easily and get loads of benefits from. Visitors expects website that don’t take time to load and let its users find information quickly. Websites with easy to read contents; either it is texts, images, videos, pictures, infographics or anything else. They want legible fonts and the right blend of colours. Users like websites that works, where everything is clear, easy and enjoyable to use. Websites with excellent usability fare far better than those that are difficult to use.

Without much ado, the following are the top website features that should not be missing from your website. A business website lacking one or more of these top website features will not be able to leverage the internet the way it should and will not realize true its potential online.


Users like to visit website that attend to their present need. Websites they can handle easily and get loads of benefits from. Users visit website they can gain the right information from, website they can easily get familiar with – the business, its products or services. To have a user oriented website, you need to get to know your target audience and their need. You need to know their ever changing preferences. This will guide you to produce contents that will suit and meet their needs. Also visitors like to visit websites with fresh ad updated contents.


This is a feature that cannot be overlooked in a website.This feature will ensure that the website scale to the screen size of the device used to access it. A responsive website will give users the same experience no matter the screen size. Not all visitors will visit with a desktop computer; the use of smartphones, tablets and other handheld devises has grown considerably. Websites needs to cater for this category of users to take advantage of this trend. If a website cannot be comfortably viewed across devices and screen sizes, then it is sure to lose a whole lot of visitors.


Users like to visit website where they can easily find their way around. The last thing you will want to do is to confuse your users. A confused visitor will quickly leave your website. Users want websites where the menu, navigation icon and links are visible so they can reach any part of the website with ease. Visitors often avoid websites with one or more dead links (dead links leads nowhere). So ensure that the links, navigation icon and links are visible and are directing to the necessary page. The navigation feature should guide users easily through all the pages of a website.


A website that is cross-browser compatible is the website can be viewed with any type of browser. It is not uncommon to find website that are not multi-browser compatible or that cannot be accessed from the users’ browser of choice. Having a website with this feature can discourage users with such browser from further visits.


At this time where a good Search Engine visibility and ranking makes all the difference, having a website that is not SEO friendly is better imagined. This great feature in a website will position the website for search engines to crawl and index the site, making it visible to the people searching for its content. The appearance of a website on search engines will greatly increase its visibility and reach.


Having a contact form gives users the opportunity to contact businesses in an easy manner. Without these website features, you will be depriving visitors of this opportunity and they are likely to leave frustrated by their inability to reach you. Contact forms are also a great way to get information about users.


This feature will allow visitors to find any information with ease. Top websites will always have this feature. With the search features, information is easily available to site users at the click of a button.


Good websites also have this feature to clear the doubts users may be having about a product or service offered on the website. FAQs give answers to the basic question a user might want to ask and provide helpful information related to the website or business.

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